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The Strange Effect of Light

‘My influences are the bees that sting me, the midges that bite me and the birds that sing so sweetly’.

After years of working as a commercial artist I wanted to rediscover why it was I went to Art College in the first place ~ my love for nature and the things that occur in the countryside that surrounds me, the stories that I see and experience daily. While I love the individual beauty of the smallest insect or the blackest crow their folkloric myths and characteristics interest me the most ~ the arrival of the lapwings in spring or the nocturnal venturing of moths, the bees thirst for nectar or the intricate construction of a nest. This small world ~ a few feet of meadow or the hole in a tree is the back drop for my own artistic safari.I hope to convey this passion and bring all viewers of my work a glimpse into the province beneath their feet or the habitats that surrounds their homes.

Prince Edwards Book 'All the Beautiful creatures of the North'

These are images of the journal cover commissioned for His Royal Highness Prince Edward Duke of Wessex as a Gift and Memory of his opening of the Allendale Forge Studios and Gallery. The Cover represents a months work. It is Hand carved and painted and is entitled 'All the beautiful creatures of the North'. The Inside details the Royal crest of Wessex and the Crest of Northumberland, both in the form of butterflies.

The Strange Effect of Light

Hunters Moon


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